A word about Contracting
from the Owner
Florida State Certified Commercial and
Residential Building Contractor


This may sound cliché but it is true nonetheless; there are no new fundamentals.
Be sincere. Care about what your customer's needs and wants are.
Be on time. Be professional. Do your very best every time you get a chance to work.
This creates a good name for your business. This is my philosophy.

I am a working Owner.  I am on every job overseeing not only the day-to-day
work but the quality of the end product. I design all of the cabinetry we sell
and install. I use cabinet specific CAD design software to give you
the very best design possible. Together we personalize it until it's perfect for you.

My employees wear company shirts. They are cordial and polite. They do not use
profanity and there are no empty beer bottles rolling around in the back of the company
trucks they drive. They will not leave cigarette butts on your doorstep.
They understand what I expect in terms of quality customer service.
More importantly, they understand what
you expect.

Volusia Kitchen and Bath is your
Low Risk Provider
of complete kitchen, bath, and interior remodeling services.
Unlike many of my local competitors I have never performed construction services
under any other entity/name. I have never closed a construction business
to open another. This is a well established firm with a brick and mortar showroom
displaying products from well established suppliers and working with a limited
number of well established subcontractors. These aren't only
my subs, they are also my friends and they work very hard for me. Consequently, we
produce predictable results and enjoy frequent referrals from past customers.

Interior Remodeling, kitchen design and bathroom design, and altering your home's
mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or structural systems isn't for amateurs or handymen.
It's a profession within a profession, so beware who you hire.

You have my promise that if you employ my Firm, I will provide
the finest construction services available anywhere at any price.

Check my references!

                                                                  Trace Funderburk
                                                                       President and Owner

There are hundreds of cabinet companies out there.  As I said on the main page,
there are only a few major differences in the actual cabinets. Particle board boxes
or plywood... Maple, Oak, Hickory, Alder or Cherry... full overlay or face frame,
Grass closers and guides or Blume. Beyond this it's all relative!

We have looked at every possible supplier to settle on one custom builder and three
major by-order suppliers that offer virtually everything you could possibly desire from
economy to high line!  We considered value and quality, lack of problems with the delivered
order, delivery time, and after sale service when we made these decisions.

These four cabinet manufacturers build beautifully crafted cabinets in an incredible
range of sizes, styles and finishes and these cabinets are built to specification
based on a design the Contractor and customer create together.
Selecting the right company to assist you in the planning of your new kitchen,
pantry, or bathroom is very important and incorporating this planning into your office,
home, kitchen, or bath remodel is crucial to having a better end product.

There are even more tile distributors than there are cabinet companies.
In my own showroom we have a tile and flooring center with glass, stone, ceramics and
porcelain, wood- both laminated and engineered, and carpet, all with the idea that the products
should be from stable and reliable manufacturers, of good quality, and at fair pricing.

Consequently, I only have maybe 100 or 125 varying samples.
The suppliers offer to bring me
more every time they come in
. But my customers rarely need to go to the "grocery store" for
more choices. They almost always find something they love in my showroom.

The bottom line is that after years of specializing in kitchen renovation we have
learned which products consumers are choosing and that's what we display and sell.
I'm not saying I won't install something else, I'm just saying that I think we can satisfy
almost any taste, from economy to top shelf with the products we've chosen to sell.

Come visit the showroom and see what we have to offer!

                                                                 Trace Funderburk
                                                                      President and Owner