The "ins and outs" of cabinet design and manufacturing
We wonder why some cabinet companies offer 10 or 15 different cabinet brands? There are several dozen large cabinet
manufacturers in the USA. But there are only a few major differences in the actual cabinets. Particle board boxes or plywood...
Maple, Oak, Hickory, Alder or Cherry... full overlay or face frame, beyond this it's all relative!

We have looked at every possible supplier to settle on one custom builder and three major by-order suppliers that offer
virtually everything you could possibly desire from economy to high line!  We considered value and quality,
lack of problems with the delivered order, delivery time, and after sale service when we made these decisions.

These cabinet manufacturers build beautifully crafted cabinets in an incredible range of sizes, styles and finishes
and these cabinets are built to specification based on a design the Contractor and customer create together.
Selecting the right company to assist you in the planning of your new kitchen, pantry, or bathroom is very important and
incorporating this planning into your office, home, kitchen, or bath remodel is crucial to having a better end product.

Please consider Volusia Kitchen and Bath when you shop for your new cabinetry
and rest assured that we understand cabinet design!
Don't settle for cookie cutter sizes, let us give you an estimate for all custom built cabinetry!

Volusia Kitchen and Bath can replace your cabinets with fully custom cabinets,
designed and manufactured locally, and
usually within six weeks from the time you place the order.

Contact us to set an appointment to select and design your new cabinets!
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Quality refacing isn't cheap and I won't take your money and reface your cabinets if they aren't worth saving,
I recommend that only good quality cabinets be refaced so you get real value for your hard earned money!
When we reface we use
full sheets of laminate, not vinyl strips. This eliminates seams you see when the laminate
is installed in strips. Look at your own cabinet faces- chances are you will see seams between doors or where
two cabinets come together. This saves money on materials and increases profit. But, to get the best finished
result we always use a solid sheet of laminate wherever possible to eliminate those seams.
These are pictures of a kitchen cabinet refacing including the installation of RTF* cabinet door and drawer fronts with glass in the top
doors. This owner liked the original counter tops so much we left them alone but they can be redone as well.

*RTF = rigid thermo foil finish. This is a finish that is applied to a wood composite board with heat and vacuum. It is extremely durable,
even easier to clean, and costs less than real hard and soft woods like cherry, maple and oak.
Older homes have cabinets with the range
hood notch. This has to be modified for a
microwave so that it isn't too close to the
range top.
The cabinet reinstalled after the refacing.

The microwave oven now meets code for
proper elevation above the range and this
also makes it easier for taller people to see
the range controls.
The drawer cabinet and island cabinet BEFORE
we started work in the kitchen.
And the finished product!

Note the fancy euro-style hardware.
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About our cabinet doors-
You can select almost any style of cabinet door and drawer fronts when re-laminating cabinets. We have a wide variety to select
from with or without glass, with or without beveled edges, and there are several bevels to choose from.
The cabinet doors, drawer fronts, pulls, and hinges really define the cabinets.
The sink cabinets BEFORE.
And the finished product.
The range cabinets BEFORE. Note how low the
microwave is in the old range hood notch.

This isn't safe and doesn't meet code.
And the finished product.

Note the beautiful dropped
tongue and groove ceiling.

We do this work too!
Custom cabinetry, semi-custom
cabinetry, and cabinet
refinishing and refacing
We have options for all budgets!
Cabinet Refinishing