We have made custom bathrooms one of our specialties!
From basic bathroom improvements like custom shower
enclosures to more elaborate improvements such as
whirlpool tubs, shower seats, and granite counter tops, we can do it all!
We used 6x8 porcelain wall tile with two different accent bands in this condo.
The owner chose granite counter tops and white fixtures for a very contemporary look.

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For our Commercial Customers- The Sanitary Bath
This is popular in the medical industry but works anywhere you want quick and simple cleaning and sanitizing.
We tile everything from ceiling to floor with anything from very basic to very, very fancy tile.
This creates a bathroom that is extremely easy to keep clean!
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This shower isn't handicap specific, it was designed to accommodate a wheel chair user on occasion
but we can design bathrooms specifically for special needs.
This picture shows a nice bathroom
with a pedestal sink. The accent band
is a combination of the floor tiles.
The entire floor of this bathroom is "clear".
This means there is no shower curb to
obstruct a wheel chair.
Note the position of the faucet
which is closer to the floor.

Note that the faucet and shower nozzle are on opposite ends of the shower.
Another pedestal design.
Shower head at one end...
...and faucet at the other
where it's easier to reach.
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Today's bathroom counters come in more varieties than ever! Tiled with penny tile, herringbone bonded
brick tile, granite, marble, travertine, quartz, Corian, the list goes on. What's going in
your new bathroom?
A tub stall gutted to the studs.

We replace the old sheet rock with
concrete boards for a permanent repair.
We can install corner shelving in 3 sizes
for your bathing accessories instead
of the old fashioned soap dish.
A trend we see these days is to bull nose
all the way around the room with the
wall tile at chair rail height.
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Creating the perfect bathroom is something the homeowner and Contractor do together.
We work with you to come up with the ideal plan-
your ideal plan! As you can see,
there is a lot more to designing the perfect bathroom than just selecting colors.
Bathroom, Tub, and Shower
If you are tired of that old bathroom, we can rejuvenate it!

How about replacing that shower curtain with a decorative
glass door? We can fit shower and tub enclosures with
tempered glass doors or plastic doors, either frameless
like the one shown above or framed with a variety of
textures and finishes.

How about etched glass? Your design or ours!

Or how about new tile, cultured marble, or granite?

Want to change the colors of your bathroom? No problem!

Contact us!
Is your bathroom ready for a make over?
We can help!
If it's necessary we can go back to bare walls and floor to give you the ultimate new bath suite!
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Edgy and Contemporary Styling

This is a beautiful small bath where we put 18" tile on the floor, and used matching 6" tile for the shower
floor and wall accent. There is white porcelain throughout the bathroom from the sink and toilet,
to the shower shelves and cabinet knobs. The back wall is the accent wall with a 225 semi-bond pattern.
The end walls and bath walls are installed in a brick pattern.
This is a 3cm Gold and Silver
granite vanity top
6" floor tile installed diagonally with
a filled and sealed Travertine curb
Cast glass shower doors and enclosures
How about a rain head in your new shower?
This is a His and Hers walk in shower room with rain heads and wall heads for each!