Testimonials from past customers.
(page is updated frequently)
We love building beautiful kitchens and bathrooms and our customers mean the world to us.
Here are some of the letters they write us after we have finished the work.

We respect their privacy and some have asked not to have their names or addresses published.

Click on their names to open the letters they wrote.
Yvonne and MIke H

Hardwood cabinetry, granite counters
Dr. Timothy Kilpatrick
(Whole Condo)

This was a condo remodel where we  literally remodeled from ceiling to floor, and wall to wall,
with cabinetry, quartz counters, carpet, tile, and wood flooring, shower and bath stalls, etc.
Lurene and John
(Extensive Kitchen)
Kitchen with hardwood cabinetry, granite counters,
foyer, pantry, porcelain tile flooring, wall texturing, etc.
Bill Bertalan
(Extensive Kitchen and Extensive Master Bath)

Removed walls in kitchen, hardwood cabinetry, granite counters, wall and ceiling texturing, porcelain flooring,
changed  bathroom/closet floor plan, new shower stall, etc.
Bob and Melinda W

(Extensive Master Bath in 2007)
Moved walls, rearranged entire floor plan, new shower stall, new washer/dryer connections, on-demand water heater

(Extensive Kitchen in 2008)
One of the largest kitchens we have done to date with 39 cherry cabinets and over 125 SF of exotic
granite counters with tumbled marble back splashes.  We changed the floor plan, moved walls, removed soffits,
relocated entry doors, moved the sink and dishwasher across the room, turned the island 90 degrees,  etc.

(Home Office in 2009)
Relocated phone and data connections, textured ceiling and walls, tile flooring, hardwood cabinetry, quartz counters, etc
Rod and Suzanne Ragan

Wall to wall and ceiling to floor renovation. A complete kitchen, three bathrooms, flooring,
extensive electrical and plumbing, the letter says it all!
Steve and Marilyn Kowalcky

Another wall to wall and ceiling to floor renovation. A complete kitchen, two bathrooms, tile flooring,
extensive electrical and plumbing, their letter is very gracious!
Ralph and Irmtrud

A beautiful rustic Oak kitchen, porcelain tile flooring, and very expensive exotic granite. Thank you Ralph and Irm!
Kenny and Diane

Another high end Maple kitchen, tumbled marble back splash, and Medina granite. Thank you Kenny and Diane!
Dave and Ellen

Bridgewood Custom Cabinetry, travertine back splash, and Medina granite. Thank you Dave and Ellen!

On edit- Since Dave and Ellen wrote this note, we have done their bathrooms! And they are gorgeous!
Shery and Judy

A Kitchen renovation and a Bathroom done simultaneously. Hardwood cabinetry, tile back splash and granite counters.
Thank you ladies!
Lisa and Jim

A complete upstairs residential renovation including electrical upgrades and a full kitchen.
Eleana Toffee cabinetry with granite counters and stone splash.
New interior doors, wall and ceiling repairs, priming, painting, case and base!

A complete downstairs renovation, major electrical upgrades including a new service panel, the interior we did literally
ceiling to floor and wall to wall including opening a pass-thru in a structural bearing wall.
A beautiful Bridgewood kitchen with granite and stone splash. Tiled bath with glass trim.

Thanks Lisa and Jim!
Ron and Sophie Norman

Granite and a custom tile back splash in a already beautiful kitchen. Thank you Ron and Sophie!
Barbara and Lou Fiorletta

A master bathroom renovation from the metal studs out. A custom shower, cabinetry, granite vanity counters, flooring, ceiling to floor!
Thank you Barbara and Lou! Call me when you are ready for that kitchen makeover!
Robert R Arfstrom PD

A complete kitchen renovation. We were called in by a local plumber because of major water damage.
He stopped the leak and we took it from there. The letter says it all.

Thank you Bob and Sharyn. You are genuinely nice people!
Chuck and Linda Allen

A beautiful kitchen with painted Maple cabinets and Peacock Green granite.

Thank you Linda and Chuck!
Ron and Barbara Woods

Another complete kitchen renovation, flooring, white painted Maple cabinets, Bamboo Silestone and travertine splash.

Thank you Ron and Barbara! We had fun working for you. And thanks for the donuts!

Matt and Irma Haller

A large master bath suite with double vanities, a walk-in shower, and new linen closet.

Maple cabinetry and Silestone quartz counters. Thank you Matt and Irma!

Katrina and Ralph

A whole home remodel. Ceiling to floor, kitchen and bath.

Maple cabinetry and Zodiaq quartz counters. Thank you guys!

Peter and Cappy Tacelli

A beautiful painted Maple kitchen with Zodiaq quartz counters.

It was a pleasure working for you!